Purple Yam, Also Known as Purple Sweet Potato

Initially I cut a pink yam open, I gasped so loud, my husband really thought I had cut on myself. The interior was not therefore ugly – pink that is light and succulent, nearly just like a fresh fruit. As the exterior skin appears flat and brown, in the same way as another yam that is not expected. The Purple Okinawan Sweet Potato (described) may be seen across The United States at the local Oriental or Oriental marketplace, as well as at some routine grocery shop restaurants. Look in winter and the autumn for this.
There are just two kinds of yam that is pink:

The Filipino “ube” or “ubi” (perhaps not normally accessible the United States of America), that has deeper, rougher-looking skin. Therefore is very not the same as routine yams it grows on a vine over the floor. This vegetable is food supply and an important harvest in the Philippines. Additionally it is converted to a powder which can be subsequently utilized in Filipino sweets (you will know them by their vibrant pink colour!).

In the exterior the pink yam / nice spud seems the same, but cut you’re going to understand the huge difference and one open! These yams are steamed excellent boiled, or cooked along with routine yams.
Pink Yam Diet:

Like yams that are routine, yams that are pink are very beneficial to you. Large in potassium, pink yams, plus B-6, Vitamin-C, fiber, plus anti oxidants are actually one of the miracles in nature.