A Creative New Drink Idea

One day while I was having a get together with a group of friends, I came up with an idea for a drink by blending some fruits together that I had in my refrigerator with a little bit of honey. The mixture was a dark colored concoction that didn’t look like any of the fruits that went into it, but it tasted amazing. My friends suggested that I try to sell the drink in stores. In order to get the drink in stores, I would need money, so I went to the Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group for help.

My plan was to ask the group for money to fund production of the drink and to have it placed on store shelves, while simultaneously having the drink be under their brand. We were able to work out a deal and they helped me get everything started. Since I had more funding to work with, I was able to get better quality fruits and honey for the drink than what was offered at the supermarket where I purchased them. We contacted a farm that specializes in organically grown fruits to supply us with the fruits we needed, and talked to the local bee farm to get honey.

Production of the drink was coming along nicely and in a couple of days, we were able to have the store shelves stocked with the drink. The group also helped me create a television advertisement to get people aware of the drink. The ad features a man who wants to buy the drink from a vending machine, but doesn’t have enough money to buy it. He sees some money in the street and as he tries to grab it, it falls in the sewer grate, leading to the man going into the sewer to retrieve it.